Fiber Optic Networks

CTSS designs, installs and maintains fiber optic network cabling. We value ourselves on properly spec’d and installed fiber networks. With our state of the art fusion splicing capabilities and our industry standard certifiers, we will get you connected at the speeds your project requires. Wether you’re in need of a 1GB, 10GB, 40GB or 100GB fiber network, CTSS will show you the light!

Our Features
  • Understanding Fiber Specifications
  • Indoor and Outdoor Solutions
  • Quality Products
  • Yearly Calibrated Equipment
  • Fiber Certification Testing Equipment
  • Fusion Splicing

What you’ll Get

  • Properly spec’d and installed fiber cabling.
  • Factory polished and tested ends fusion spilced onto your SM or MM fibers.
  • All of our completed installations or maintenance service visits will entail proper cleaning of the terminations at the bulk heads as well a visual verification of the fiber end faces along with a full certification report.

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Don’t let improperly installed or maintained fiber networks slow you down.

Not all fiber is created equally. We understand what it takes to get you connected at the speeds you need. We’ve got you covered beyond the installation of your fiber optics. Properly maintained systems make sure your fiber is preforming at it’s optimal level. Dirty fiber ends are the number cause of failure in fiber optic networks. We can clean and certify existing fiber optic cabling. Give us a call and let our experts assist with all your fiber optic needs.